• Pressure – Up to 325 kg/cm2
  • Stroke – 150 to  450 mm
  • Capacity – 30 tons to 300 tons
  • Power Pack consists of high pressure radial plunger pump. Hand operateddirectional control valve, relief valve, oil filter, pressure guage, electric motor.
  • Working press : Up to 325 kg/cm2
  • Suitable for small & medium size filter press. Easy and quicker operation through Hydraulic Cylinder hand pump
P.P Plates CGR type
Handle for Large size P.P. Plates
Both CGR & Recess Plates
CGR Plate
P.P. Plate & Frame type
P.P. Clothe Pin
P.P. Handle for all types of Plates
Recess type Plate
Rachet Type Manual System
Hydraulic Power Pack